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Redesign retail website, to suit the picky, high-end buyer  

Future website mockup image

Simplistic mock-up of future site.


The current site is lacking an overarching strategy for how information is organized, accessed, and presented.

Problem: existing site is very confusing and cumbersome to use. This would not attract or retain high net worth buyers.

Target user behaviors: "the influencer"

  • Decides quickly and buys on-the-go

  • Hunts for products that are quirky, original, or on-trend

  • Shares favorite finds on social media

  • Posts reviews and blogs to increase social capital

  • Chooses fastest delivery options

  • Abandons purchase if there are hidden fees

  • Returns 30% of items purchased

My role: Redesigned site's Information Architecture and User Navigation Flow

Design Process: Conducted a thorough examination of the architecture of the information for the current site.

Design options: Redesigned site with emphasis on elegant navigational structure and topical process flow.

Clickable Prototype on Figma

(follow this link to see an interactive demo of the new site)

Selected wire-frames from prototype:


The left side navigation can be pulled down as needed, and contains a simple yet thorough structure of product categories.

Users who tested my prototype responded very favorably to the navigation. They remarked about how it was very easy to use, and that they experienced a very logical flow while navigating the site. They were also impressed with the feature that made product reviews and ratings readily available on several pages of the flow.

The results page shows further facets that allows the user to filter  their search results accordingly. It also offers easy access to other users' reviews.


Brand facets subcategories shown.


Search results with brands facets filtering and reviews modal shown. In usability tests, the fact that reviews would be easily accessible via one click, without having to leave the results page, was very well received.

Project Constraints: It is expected that the client would require the retention of the sub-site called Riffs. The purpose of the "Riffs" site is part blog/newsletter, and part community/ events sharing. Proposed methods for retaining this content, while making it easier to access and navigate, were developed for sharing with the client.

Measures of Success:

We will know our retail website makeover has been successful when:

  • the number of negative comments about using the site are reduced on twitter and similar social media sites

  • sales of higher-priced items increase, compared to the previous year


Next Steps:

Develop Members Center (account) page and Community / Events/ Reviews/ Riffs Blog prototypes.

Engage client in a dialog about their goals for the site, and proposed design and information architecture improvements.

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