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2018 - Departmental Wiki

This was a company intranet website with restricted access. It was used by my department, which was a support organization for one of the company’s SaaS products. 


When I joined the team in early 2018, this wiki already existed; but, was largely incomplete and was not actually accessible to the entire team. Through a collaborative process, I gained the confidence of the person who had started the Wiki, brought all the rest of the staff in, as members, and began working with various constituent teams to encourage them to contribute their useful content to the Wiki, while guiding them on the format and structure, from an information architecture perspective.

Our manager declared that I was in control, and the “decider,” on the content and the structure of the Wiki. And within only a few months, the team had contributed an extensive amount of very useful content to the Wiki. It provided cohesion and camaraderie to the entire team; and became the go-to “bible, for taking care of our services to the customers. 

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a screenshot here, as the content has been deemed still proprietary.

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